SME Finance

Your partner in custom SME finance solutions

The century old adage that “time is money” has been and will always be relevant. About 60 % of the business start-ups collapse in the first 3 years of existence. And about 85% collapse in the first 5 years of existence.

The businesses that collapse are not necessarily bad businesses. Most businesses collapse because they have not been given the opportunity to “hang-in-there”.

The founders of Atomica Financial Services Ltd believe that an additional day in a business life, can turn a business into a successful one. That is why at Atomica Financial Services Ltd, timing of our decision making is critical. From the loan application time to approval and delivery of the money to the applicant takes from a couple of minutes to few hours. Because money injected in a business at a wrong time, may not be helpful to the business.

Our pricing is transparent. We structure our pricing on a case by case basis in relation to the risk profile of the business and the loan applicants. There are no hidden costs in our pricing.